Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ride the Newest Trail in the State with the Bike Fed

On Monday November 6th, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin joined over 200 people in officially opening another 4.5 miles of the Hank Aaron State Trail. The trail previously went from Lake Michigan to Miller Park. Now it goes from the Lakefront to 92nd Street along an old rail road corridor. Once the Zoo interchange is built, Hank Aaron will connect to the Oak Leaf Trail and a system of trails that goes all the way to Mississippi.

If you missed the opening on Monday, you still have two more chances this week to celebrate. The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin will lead two free bike rides along the extension where you can see salmon spawning, beautiful new trail bridges, historic buildings and more. The rides are 9 miles round trip from 34th Street:

Lunch Break Ride
Thursday, November 11th
Meet at Hank Aaron/Canal Street and 34th St by the new bridge at 11:30 or 6th and Canal/HAST at 11:15

Sunday in the Park Ride
Sunday, November 14th
Meet at Hank Aaron/Canal Street and 34th St by the new bridge at 10:30 or 6th and Canal/HAST at 10:15

If you can't make our tours, the trail is marked with signs and is on the free Milwaukee By Bike map.

According the Melissa Cook, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources trail manager, "over 400,000 people live within a 15 minute bike ride of the trail and no other trail in the state has such a big potential user group." For the past three years, the Bike Fed and the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail have helped connect local kids with the trail through summer Bike Camps.

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